Sam Fullalove

Web Developer

In 2012 I acheived a 2.1 BSc Degree in Computing with Honours at Plymouth University. After this I went on to work in a web development and hosting firm. Then I continued to start my own software company with a friend and move to South Korea to teach English and live. In our company we mainly worked on developing our own website builder which customers could sign up to and pay online. We ended up finishing the product, however we decided to dissolve the company and it never went public.

Now I am back in the UK and have valuable experience that includes: using frameworks, Object Orientated development, APIs, hosting, SEO, performance optimisation, coding best practices, GIT version control, Linux and I’m ready to learn more too! At this very moment I am looking into and trying to learn some very basic laravel and react coding. Also I just became a WordPress Core Contributor.

I’m currently looking for a Software/Web Development job around Devon. Please use the contact form below if you’d like to message me ๐Ÿ™‚

My BitBucket Projects

I have a Bitbucket account with some helpful WordPress plugins I have written using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL and the WordPress Framework. I’ll quickly explain my favorite top 3:

1. The Review Routing plugin – Uses a shortcode to display a nice CSS styled form which will direct bad reviews and good reviews to pages of your choosing! Perfect for directing bad reviews to a feedback form and good reviews to TripAdvisor or other review sites for example.

2. The Cookie consent plugin – Uses a JavaScript library to display a highly customisable message box to inform visitors that your website uses cookies, If they accept, a cookie will be set and remember their choice.

3. The Student Score Chart plugin – When working as an English teacher in South Korea, I wanted to give the students a score out of ten, and when they reached 10, I would give them a reward. This uses the Google Charts JavaScript to display nice looking scores on the website.

Click Here to see them all!

My Hobbies


Whether it's new software or hardware, I am always interested in new ideas and innovations that are happening. From new IDEs to phones, graphics cards, mice and new libraries or practices that i can be using to make my code better, I want to hear about it!


I've been to South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. I'd like to hear about where you've been and share stories sometime. All the pictures in this background slideshow are ones I have taken so take a look ๐Ÿ™‚

Martial Arts

I started Taekwondo in university and really enjoyed it for a couple of years.After that I went on to do Systema which is a Russian Martial art used by some Spetsnaz forces. The no-belt system, practical moves and no competitions make Systema my favorite martial art!


From playing games with my friends at school on the Xbox, to a gaming laptop when I was in Korea, I now have my first gaming PC! With a Ryzen 3600 and RX 5700 I can play FPS, RPG and other games on Ultra settings. I use windows for gaming, but make sure to switch back to Linux for when I need to work.

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